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Hardware-Software Partitioning
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Performance-Power Trade-off Analysis
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Performance and Bottleneck analysis

Why VisualSim?

Performance Analysis Reliability Analysis Hardware-Software Partitioning Power Analysis
Performance trade-offs using bandwidth utilization, application response time and queue depth metrics applied to system sizing, flow management and traffic analysis Reliability analysis using real–life scenarios such as fault injections; incorrect data values; timing jitters; loss of devices such as links; battery capacity and processor board; and traffic overloading Functional analysis generates trace reports and timing diagrams to evaluate arbitration algorithms correctness, task sequence and scheduling, and hardware–software task assignment. Power measurement reports for device consumption of application tasks, battery usage, and average/peak power, to design energy conservation


Comparing RapidIO and SAE AS6802 – TTEthernet using dynamic timing and power simulation

RapidIO and Time-Triggered Ethernet are used in many overlapping applications including Avionics.  While TTEthernet has deterministic transfer delays, RapidiO provides extremely high data rates.  Both standards provide significant flow control, priority based transfer, and virtual link mechanism.  To select the right standard for the target application, you can review the 1000 page standard or set up different physical hardware configurations.  Both are time-consuming, expensive and pertain to the test system alone.

In this Webinar, we run simulations of multiple target applications, workloads and network configurations for both standards.  From these simulations, we review the results and discuss the relative merits.  We used the RapidIO 3.1 standard and SAE AS 6802 specification respectively.  During this webinar we will show the simulation setup, outputting results and interpreting them. We will use the fully validated VisualSim RapidIO and VisualSim TTEthernet modeling libraries for the modeling and simulation effort.

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